Giants in Scripture

(All scripture is from the KJV unless otherwise specified) Numbers 13:32-3332 And they brought up an evil report of the land which they had searched unto the children of Israel, [...]

The Giants of the Solomon Islands and their Hidden UFO Bases

Contained in this website is extraordinary information that brings to the forefront worldwide issues that has been tormenting intellectuals for centuries. It is about two phenomenal discoveries that I have [...]

Why Giants?

It was the purpose of Satan and his fallen angels to corrupt the human race and thereby do away with pure Adamite stock through whom the seed of the woman [...]

Giants on the Earth

By Boyd Rice Since the offspring of the Nephilim were said to be giants, and because virtually every tradition relating to the Flood and the subsequent arrival of the tutelary [...]

Giants by Glenn Kimball

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Perhaps that is why so many of the things that are disguised as reality in our eyes, are really fiction; and so much of [...]


From the BOOK “The Works of Philo” by Philo (Author), C. D. Yonge (Translator), David M. Scholer (Foreword) Philo, usually known as Philo the Jew (Philo Judaeus) or Philo of [...]

Historical Account of the Patagonians

NOTE to the READER: There are numerous words contained in this document that we would not capitalize or are spelled differently today such as Brasil, cloathed, thot, spight, tyger and [...]

Giant Size Chart

A. Present day modern man which averages about 6-feet tall + or – several inches or more. B. 15-foot human skeleton found in southeast Turkey in late 1950’s in the [...]


5And there was war again with the Philistines; and Elhanan the son of Jair slew Lahmi the brother of Goliath the Gittite, whose spear staff was like a weaver’s beam. [...]

Giant Leg Bone

Story behind the giant human femur sculptureFrom Joe Taylor Mr. Jack Wagner sent me the following article in 1996 and asked me to sculpt a human femur the size of [...]

Giant Tomb

The giant was 10 feet tall and his tomb was 28 feet long. Half of the tomb was filled with his armor and spear. The Technical Sergeant is holding his [...]

Pendant With Giant

The pendant above is 4,500 years old and measures 3/4″ in diameter. This giant is equal in size to some of the Sumarian pendant inscriptions. It was given to a [...]

Giant Artifacts from the Tokyo National Museum

Written and illustrated by Brian Snoddy. I was on my way to the Tokyo National Museum, and I couldn’t wait to get there. It was the spring of 2002, and [...]

Giants Lost in History : Ancient Mysteries

Several human skulls with horns protruding from them were discovered in a burial mound at Sayre, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, in the 1880’s. With the exception of the boney projections located [...]

Romanian 30 foot Giant

Hyperborea & ShamballaA sensational discovery shakes the world scientists. History must be rewritten. BombshellIn February 2012 a team of geologists, Romanian-Canadian seeking gold vein remains one of the galleries dug [...]