When Steve Quayle started on alternative talk radio 25+ years ago, he talked about how water municipalities couldn’t filter out excreted female birth control drugs, estrogens, and other pharmaceuticals from public drinking water.  He stated that the drugs would have adverse effects on the entire population, including feminizing men.  Today we see men’s sperm counts lower than ever before, the birthrate declining faster than at any time in our history and other detrimental physical consequences on humanity.  And studies have now linked these issues to those very same estrogens and pharmaceuticals!  For our purposes, Steve was one of the first people on radio to discuss the remains of giants around the world, which has now become common knowledge throughout the archaeological community.  He was also one of the first hosts to speak about chemtrails, even though the government has only acknowledged their efforts in geoengineering within the last few years.  Other topics like the military commissioning autonomous, Artificial-Intelligence-driven Killer Robots sounded like science fiction at the time that he initially spoke about them, but now they are today’s headlines.  Yet, Steve Quayle was on the cutting edge of these issues long before they became public knowledge. 

As a documentary film producer, Steve has made several impactful films that people are talking about.  His recent work on the Cascadia Subduction Zone and how it poses an imminent and dangerous threat to the west coast of America, Canada and the entire Pacific was eye-opening.  He’s also responsible for the True Legends series and is the creator of Gen 6 Productions. 

Steve Quayle’s Testimony at the Final Warning Conference