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Scientists discover ‘world’s oldest’ pyramid: New carbon dating shows Gunung Padang in Indonesia was built 10,000 years ago – making it THREE TIMES OLDER than Stonehenge and Egyptian pyramids

Archeologists have found that Indonesia’s pyramid, a 98-ft-deep ‘megalith’ submerged within a hill of lava [...]

Larger than Baalbek: Huge Megaliths found in Russia defy explanation

The Megaliths of Baalbek are considered by mainstream scholars as some of the most impressive [...]

Ancient Alien City Discovered Under Antarctica is Made of Crystal

In August 1946, an esteemed US Naval Officer and explorer, Admiral Richard Byrd, went on [...]

Mystery as giant stone road resurfaces from beneath the Pacific Ocean

A few days ago, after an unusually strong tide, a huge stone road surfaced from [...]

Egyptian archaeologists unearth rare tombs dated back to before Pharaohs

They also found tombs nearby from the later Hyksos period (1650 to 1500 B.C.), when [...]

AI unlocks ancient Dead Sea Scrolls mystery

Researchers say Artificial Intelligence (AI) has for the first time shown that two scribes wrote [...]

7,000 years older than Stonehenge: the site that stunned archaeologists

Circles of elaborately carved stones from about 9,500BC predate even agriculture

Seeds 200 years old breathe again

Seeds which have been stored away since the time of George III have been persuaded [...]

30,000-year-old Figurines Found in German Cave

December 18, 2003Alex Dominguez, Associated Press Some of the oldest undisputed artworks ever found — [...]

26,000-year-old Arch Supports?

The first supportive footwear was probably modest, but it definitely predates the Nike Empire. Erik [...]

2,000-year-old bottle of wine found in tomb

WINE may improve with age, but archaeologists digging in an ancient tomb in western China [...]

Women warriors from Amazon fought for Britain’s Roman army

THE remains of two Amazon warriors serving with the Roman army in Britain have been [...]

The Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts

Most ancient artifacts, no matter how strange they first appear, can eventually be explained and [...]

Was America Discovered in 1170

A Consideration: Was America Discovered in 1170 1995 “History, not unnaturally, tends to be written [...]

Underwater Discoveries Give Credence to Ancient Legends

April 5, 2005By David JamesThe Epoch Times The discovery of underwater ruins off India’s southeastern [...]

Shroud of Turin not a medieval fake, Italian scientists say

The Shroud of Turin, revered by some to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, [...]

Tsunami throws up India relics

The deadly tsunami could have uncovered the remains of an ancient port city off the [...]

Traditions of Atlantis


Tomb References John the Baptists Father

July 7, 2003By KARIN LAUB, Associated Press Writer The discovery was a stroke of luck: [...]

Tombs From Egypts Golden Age Found

Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Egyptian Tombs June 6, 2002 CAIRO (Reuters) – Archaeologists have discovered seven [...]

Tomb dig findings shrouded in mystery

Archaeologists have finished the excavation of an ancient tomb complex in the Lop Nur Desert [...]

Vatican digs illegal tunnel to ‘exhume King David’s DNA and bring Messiah back to life’

The Vatican has been digging a secret tunnel in Jerusalem in order to exhume King [...]

Ancient Mummy Found in Mongolia

The spectacular find of the frozen remains of a Scythian warrior in Mongolia by an [...]

Satellites Search for Ancient Artifact

August 23, 2001By Leonard David, Senior Space Writer WASHINGTON — Military and private satellite snapshots [...]

‘Oldest star chart’ found

The oldest image of a star pattern, that of the famous constellation of Orion, has [...]

Ice Age star map discovered

A prehistoric map of the night sky has been discovered on the walls of the [...]

Staff of Moses ‘found’ in Birmingham

An ancient staff in a British museum may be connected to the Biblical figure of [...]

Spirits in the Stones

The summer of 2004 has seen interesting discoveries in Canada and India that highlight a [...]

Sacrificial burial deepens mystery at Teotihuacan, but confirms the city’s militarism

A spectacular new discovery from an ongoing excavation at the Teotihuacan’s Pyramid of the Moon [...]

Radar reveals vast medieval Cambodian city: study

Archaeologists using radar imagery have shown that an ancient Cambodian settlement centered on the celebrated [...]

Ruins Support Myth of Rome’s Founding

Legend has it that Rome was founded in 753 B.C. by Romulus and Remus, the [...]

The Rise and Fall of the Mayan Empire

Nov 16, 2004Science at NASA Where the rain forests of Guatemala now stand, a great [...]

Rio Grande Artifacts May Yield New Clues

Oct. 18, 2004By LYNN BREZOSKYNews My Way HARLINGEN, Texas (AP) – Archaeologists have discovered a [...]

Remains of Genghis Khan Palace Unearthed

Oct. 6, 2004By AUDREY McAVOY TOKYO (AP) – Archaeologists have unearthed the site of Genghis [...]

Raiders of the Lost Ark

April 5, 2004By Nadav Shragai The firemen manning the two fire trucks dispatched to the [...]

12,500-year-old wooden sculpture is a ‘unique and unparalleled find’ in human history

The Shigir Idol is over 12,500 years old and is regarded as the earliest known [...]

Queen’s pyramid found near Cairo

Archaeologists in Egypt say they have discovered the remains of a 4,500-year-old pyramid. The edifice, [...]

Pyramid Architect’s Final Resting Place?

The Saqqara Geophysical Survey Project may be on the verge of discovering the remains of [...]

Prehistoric Art Reveals Skills of Britain’s Cave Dwellers

January 15, 2005By Ian Herbert North of England. CorrespondentUK Independent One of the world’s finest [...]

Temple Ruins in Goliath’s Town

Bar Ilan University archaeologists have uncovered the ruins of a Philistine temple in the ancient [...]

Peru Finds Pre-Inca Ruins Beneath Lake Titicaca

October 31, 2002By Monica Vargas LIMA, Peru (Reuters) – Peruvian divers have found pre-Inca stairways, [...]

Piri Reis Map – Strange Artifacts

Introduction In 1929, a group of historians found an amazing map drawn on a gazelle [...]

A Paleopuzzle: Chomping With No Chompers

The toothless skull of an early human ancestor discovered in the Caucasus may attest to [...]

New Dead Sea Scroll fragments, world’s oldest basket found in desert cave

6,000-year-old child skeleton also found in Judean Desert cave. It is the first such discovery [...]

Is a Long-Dismissed Forgery Actually the Oldest Known Biblical Manuscript?

In 1883, a Jerusalem antiquities dealer named Moses Wilhelm Shapira announced the discovery of a [...]

‘Oldest’ New World writing found

Ancient civilisations in Mexico developed a writing system as early as 900 BC, new evidence [...]

Oldest known Bible to go online

A manuscript containing the oldest known Biblical New Testament in the world is set to [...]

‘Oldest religious icon in Americas’

According to archaeologists, it pushes back the dawn of religion in the region by 1,000 [...]

Oldest Human Fossils Discovered in Ethiopia

June 11, 2003 Scientists have unearthed three 160,000-year-old human skulls in Ethiopia that are the [...]

Scholars: Oldest evidence of Jesus?

A limestone burial box, almost 2,000 years old, may provide the oldest archeological record of [...]

Hunt for Evidence of Noahs Flood in Black Sea

In 1994, archaeologist Fredrik Hiebert rode around northern Turkey in a dirty white Toyota van [...]

Noahs Ark Found? – Company Claims Picture Proof

April 26, 2004 Photo: According to press materials supplied by Shamrock — The Trinity Corporation, [...]

Neanderthals were cannibals

Gory evidence uncovered in France reveals that the early humans in the region ate one [...]

NASA Discovers 1,750,000-Year-Old Ramayana Bridge Between India and Sri Lanka

October 8, 2002 WASHINGTON (PTI) — The NASA Shuttle has imaged a mysterious ancient bridge [...]



Malta Temple’s and Tombs

Just beneath the southern tip of Italy, in the extreme western part of the Mediterranean [...]

Mysterious Finds, Million-Year-Old

September 13, 2002 This story started summer of 1977, in a freezing camera of Research [...]

Mysteries of the Yellow Emperor

A “Fifth Ancient Civilization”?Chinese and Japanese archaeologists claim they have discovered in China’s southwestern province [...]

Mexico: Forgotten Ruins and Ancient Astronauts

1997by Scott Corrales Imagine that the X-Files’ Mulder and Scully had been alive some 500 [...]

Mesa Verde Slowly Revealing Secrets of Anasazi Culture

July 25, 2004By James AbarrFor the Journal MESA VERDE NATIONAL PARK, Colo.- Rising sharply between [...]

Mayan Solar Observations Confirmed by Scientists

May 1, 2002 Copan Ruins, Honduras, May 01, 2002 (EFE via COMTEX) — Honduran scientists [...]

Map of the Creator – 120 Million Year Old Map Found – Proof Of Ancient Civilization

A find of Bashkir scientists contraries to traditional notions of human history: stone stabs which [...]

Lost city ‘could rewrite history’

The remains of what has been described as a huge lost city may force historians [...]

Lost Cities of the Amazon Found

September 21, 2003 Newly discovered traces of ancient roads, bridges, and plazas in Brazil’s tropical [...]

The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone

The Los Lunas Inscription is an abridged version of the Decalogue or Ten Commandments, carved [...]

Library of Alexandria discovered

Archaeologists have found what they believe to be the site of the Library of Alexandria, [...]


In several of my former Letters I have given sketches of the village, and some [...]

Kennewick Man Skeletal Find May Revolutionalize Americas History

A forensic anthropologist at Middle Tennessee State University is one of a select number of [...]

The Ica Stones of Peru

The Ica Stones are a collection of andesite stones alleged to contain ancient depictions of [...]

Indian Mounds Mystify Excavators

The Great River Road is billed in guidebooks as America’s most scenic drive. View Slideshow [...]

Homer’s Ithaca Possibly Found Thanks To New Geologic Research

Results of geologic tests released on January 9, 2007, by British businessman Robert Bittlestone, Cambridge [...]

History of modern man unravels as German scholar is exposed as fraud

Yesterday his university in Frankfurt announced the professor had been forced to retire because of [...]

Greek Alphabet Was In Use at 6000 BC

February 1997 The potsherd of 5500-6000 BC, found at the islet Yura of Northern Sporades [...]

Goliath Found?

November 10, 2005By OREN KLASSJerusalem Post A very small ceramic shard unearthed by Bar-Ilan University [...]

Gilgamesh tomb believed found

Archaeologists in Iraq believe they may have found the lost tomb of King Gilgamesh – [...]

Giants and Dinosaurs Together?!

In 1850 American archaeologist D. Carter made a sensational discovery in San Diego, CA on [...]

The Four Civilizations and the Tragedy They Experienced

The life span of people belonging to the ancient civilizations could reach 50,000-100,000 years! We [...]

Forbidden History – Covered Up Again!

Following last report of an unusual stone structure found in the East Oklahoma area, several [...]

Archaeologists discovered a 6,000-year-old alien mask in Bulgaria

A strange little prehistoric figure lacking a mouth, but with human and animal features, and [...]

Mystery of the eerie humanoid paintings discovered in Tanzania which are hundreds of years old yet DON’T match up with the traditions of its Sandawe people

Ancient paintings of humanoid figures, bizarre creatures and familiar animals have been discovered under rock [...]

13-foot-long ‘Book of the Dead’ scroll found in burial shaft in Egypt

One of the most fascinating objects found in the burial shafts is a 13-foot-long (4 [...]

Oldest Human Footprints Found, Experts Say

March 12, 2003Stefan Lovgren, for National Geographic News Ever since three sets of fossilized footprints [...]

First Andes civilisation explored

An ancient civilisation was flourishing in Peru over 5,000 years ago, making it the oldest [...]

New World Ancestors Lose 12,000 Years

Scientists studying the genetic signatures of Siberians and American Indians have found evidence that the [...]

Interviews: Exploring Tibet’s Lost Civilization

Bellezza says the evidence of ancient civilizations is often hidden in plain sight. A ritual [...]

Explorers Find Lost Inca Town in Peru

June 6, 2002 LONDON (Reuters) — British and American explorers have found a large Inca [...]


The latest news of the progress of the explorations of what is now regarded by [...]

Experts Study Skeletal Remains in Utah

Nov 2, 2004News My Way SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – Archaeologists have begun excavating ancient [...]

Evidence Hints at Earlier Humans in Americas

Archaeologists in South Carolina yesterday announced radiocarbon dates suggesting, they said, that people made tools [...]

Found: Europe’s Oldest Civilisation

June 11, 2005By David Keys, Archaeology CorrespondentUK Independent Archaeologists have discovered Europe’s oldest civilisation, a [...]

Have Egypt’s long lost pyramids really been found on Google Earth? Historical maps show sandy mound may hide monument larger than Giza

Mounds of sand spotted in the Egyptian desert using Google Earth might be the site [...]

Dig for ancient pyramid in Bosnia

Archaeologists have begun digging for what they think might be a pyramid hidden beneath a [...]

‘Devils’ trails’ are world’s oldest human footprints

It’s official: the oldest human footprints ever found are 345,000 years old, give or take [...]

Ancient human DNA claim

One of our oldest ancestors crouches in a cave under African skies clutching a stone [...]

‘Descendants of the Dragon’ confirmed at the Liaohe River Valley

In thousands of years, the Chinese people have been deeming themselves as “the descendant of [...]

Archeology: Damnation of Crystal Skulls

He who reveals the secret will die – The skull was first discovered by the [...]

China finds 2,000-year-old city

The ruins of a 2,000-year-old walled city have been found in a reservoir on China’s [...]

Were Cavemen Painting For Their Gods?

The meaning of Ice Age art has been endlessly debated, but evidence is increasing that [...]

Utah Canyon Holds Secrets Of Ancient Civilization

The newly discovered ruins of an ancient civilization in this remote eastern Utah canyon could [...]

France: Brittany’s ancient stones said to be erected by giants, haunted by fairies

The rows of ancient standing stones stretch more than 900 metres amid the rolling countryside [...]

Baalbek – A Colossal Enigma

This article introduces and discusses new discoveries made in the colossal ruins at Baalbek, Lebanon, [...]

Bryn Celli Ddu – Burial Chamber and Henge Ynys Môn

Bryn Celli Ddu (the mound in a dark grove) is the best passage grave in [...]

Britons Find Ancient Empire That Made Sahara Bloom

July 15, 2000By David Keys, Archaeology Correspondent An ancient civilisation, lost for 1,500 years in [...]

Radio-dating authenticates Biblical tunnel

Biblical accounts of the construction of an ancient underground tunnel below Jerusalem have been verified [...]

Biblical scroll fragments found in Israel

JERUSALEM — A secretive encounter with a Bedouin in a desert valley led to the [...]

Baja California Rock Art Dated to 7,500 Years Ago

July 17, 2003John Roachfor National Geographic News The giant rock art murals that grace the [...]

Layers of Mystery

They created extraordinary artifacts for hundreds of years, revealing an aesthetic sensibility that influences Western [...]

Ancient gold unearthed in Sudan

A team of archaeologists has discovered a huge ancient gold processing centre and a graveyard [...]


On April 5th, 1909, there appeared a front page story in the Arizona Gazette. It [...]

GRAND DISCOVERY – Ancient Egyptian City In the Grand Canyon

An Egyptian tomb in the Grand Canyon similar to the Valley of Kings in Luxor, [...]

The Amazing Cave People of Malta

Evolutionist indoctrination has led many to link the idea of ‘cave dwelling’ with the notion [...]

Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Egyptian Tombs

June 6, 2002 CAIRO (Reuters) – Archaeologists have discovered seven tombs of Pharaonic priests and [...]

Archaeologists ID Traces of ‘Miracle’ Pool

Jesus healed blind man at Siloam Pool in Jerusalem December 24, 2004 JERUSALEM – Archaeologists [...]

They say Florida channels are the oldest found in North America

June 6, 2002 ORTONA, Fla., June 6 — Archaeologists said Thursday they have discovered the [...]

Archaeologists Study Ancient Canals

They say Florida channels are the oldest found in North America June 6, 2002 ORTONA, [...]

Archaeologists Find Ancient Statue

May 11, 2002 ATHENS, Greece –– German archaeologists digging in a Greek burial ground have [...]

Archaeological Coverups

NEXUS magazine. Most of us are familiar with the last scene in the popular Indiana [...]

Ancient Village Found Under Illinois Soil

DAMIANSVILLE, Illinois (AP) — Digging crews have found hundreds of 1,200-year-old stone arrowheads and pottery [...]

Ancient Tablet Echoes Bible Passage

Jan. 13, 2003 JERUSALEM, — Israeli geologists said Monday they have examined a stone tablet [...]

New Digging to Probe Mystery of Ancient Sanxingdui Ruins

Archeologists will launch a large-scale excavation at the Sanxingdui Ruins in southwest China’s Sichuan Province [...]

Possible Links Between Ancient India And The Mayans

Recent studies hint at possible links between the ancient civilization of the Indus valley and [...]

Ancient European Skeleton Recovered In West Virginia Cave

MORGANTOWN – The man who first advanced the theory that markings carved on in a [...]

Ancient Contacts in the Americas

The Maya had memories of several white gods, or culture heroes. The first being Itzamna [...]

Ancient Civilization Beneath Death Valley?

July 24, 2003 Bourke Lee, in his book ‘Death Valley Men’ chapter: “Old Gold”, describes [...]

Ancient Chambers Span Across Beneath Northern Arizona

Saturday, April 27, 1991ARIZONA DAILY SUN, Flagstaff, Arizona New Orleans (AP) — Three young archaelogists [...]


Mind-blowing photos of Mars ‘Grand Canyon’ that’s BIGGEST in entire Solar System snapped by Nasa [...]

Evidence of Ancient civilization on Antarctica? Strange Oval-shaped structure spotted in satellite imagery

Located in the middle of Eastern Antarctica, a strange, oval-shaped structure, measuring 400 feet across [...]

500 years before the Egyptians, an ancient civilization in Peru built incredible Pyramids

The Egyptians weren’t the first to build Pyramids. An ancient civilization in America, more precisely [...]

The Secrets of the ancient walls of Sacsayhuaman: complex astronomical calculations thousands of years ago

Sacsayhuaman is located at an elevation of more than 12,000 feet in the northern outskirts [...]

Clues in Ice Sheets: Traces of Ancient Civilizations Found in Greenland

Atmospheric pollution is an expedient tool for researching history, as it’s helping to shed some [...]

Mars ‘ghost’ dunes may have evidence of alien life

Newly published research shows that hundreds of depressions on Mars’ surface, known as “ghost dunes,” [...]

Revealed: Isaac Newton’s attempts to unlock secret code of pyramids

Unpublished notes show he believed ancient structures held key to the apocalypse

The battle for Mars: How Elon Musk, Blue Origin, and the US could set up the first extraterrestrial government

The moment when the first human sets foot on Mars is becoming ever-closer. The 140 [...]

The ‘Sistine Chapel’ Of Lost, Ancient Civilization’s Rock Art Discovered In Remote Amazon Forest

One of the world’s largest collections of prehistoric rock art has been discovered in the [...]