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The Mystery of Sahasralinga

Surrounded by lush green forests and located approximately 10 miles from India’s village of Sonda, [...]

Archaeologists Unearth a Medieval Skeleton with a Prosthetic Hand

In an extraordinary archaeological discovery in Freising, Germany, experts have unearthed a medieval skeleton equipped [...]

500,000 Year Old Spark Plug?

While mineral hunting in the mountains of California near Olancha during the winter of 1961, [...]

Vimanas – The Ancient Flying Machines

There are reference to flying machines in the temple carvings and in the ancient writings. [...]

Top 10 Ancient Civilizations With Advanced Technology

Like a real life Indiana Jones, maverick archeologist David Hatcher Childress has taken many incredible [...]

Spiral ring reveals ancient complex machines

Distinctive spiral patterns carved into a small jade ring show that China was using complex [...]

Prehistoric Moon map unearthed

A map of the Moon 10-times older than anything known before has been found carved [...]

‘Oldest star chart’ found

The oldest image of a star pattern, that of the famous constellation of Orion, has [...]

A Nuclear Catastrophe In Paleoindian Times?

Our research indicates that the entire Great Lakes region (and beyond) was subjected to particle [...]

The Evidence for Ancient Atomic Warfare – Part 2

VITRIFIED RUINS IN CALIFORNIA’S DEATH VALLEY It seems one local character knew how to find [...]

The Evidence for Ancient Atomic Warfare – Part 1

Religious texts and geological evidence suggest that several parts of the world have experienced destructive [...]

Chocolate’s Frothy Past

Humans’ love affair with chocolate began far earlier than previously thought. US scientists have discovered [...]

Chinese Made First Use Of Diamond

Stone age craftsmen in China were polishing objects using diamond 2,000 years before anyone else [...]

Ancient Tombs and Shrines Faced Sun and Stars

April 5, 2004By Tariq MalikStaff Writer The sun and stars may have served as critical [...]

Ancient Star Pictures

by Laura Lee Lascaux, France, 17,000 years ago: in star pictures of the Pleiades and [...]

Ancient nuclear blasts and levitating stones of Shivapur

The great ancient Indian epic, the Mahabharata, contains numerous legends about the powerful force of [...]

Ancient Mining on the Shores of Lake Superior

Hagar, Albert D.Atlantic Monthly 15 (Mar. 1865): 308-315. IN the month of March, 1848, Samuel [...]

Ancient India Had Spacecraft Technology

December 16, 2000By The Hindu Staff Reporter TIRUPATI, DEC. 15. ‘India had a treasure trove [...]

India defence looks to ancient text

Indian scientists are turning to an ancient Hindu text in their search for the secrets [...]