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For centuries, mysterious cigar-shaped UFOs have been seen worldwide, who do they belong to?

To which alien or human race belong the cigar-shaped UFOs seen around the world? For [...]

Giants of Antiquity – Reliefs, Engravings and Paintings

Giants throughout antiquity is a historical fact based upon ancient art.

The Mystery of Sahasralinga

Surrounded by lush green forests and located approximately 10 miles from India’s village of Sonda, [...]

Military UFO Head Resigns After Being Grilled About Whistleblower Claims

After getting some intense media grilling about whistleblower reports, the man who headed up the [...]

Mummified ‘alien’ bodies are brought back to Mexico’s congress for second time by journalists and doctors with new evidence to prove ‘they are real’

Mexico’s Congress turned to spectacle again today as alien hunters came in for a second [...]

Ireland: Archaeologists Discover Remains of New Humanoid Species

A team of archaeologists affiliated with the University College Dublin, have unearthed three skeletons from a [...]

Lost and Found Evidence of Extreme Size Life Forms Everywhere!

Decades of cinema have accustomed us to the living realities extreme size life forms, from [...]

Scientists discover ‘world’s oldest’ pyramid: New carbon dating shows Gunung Padang in Indonesia was built 10,000 years ago – making it THREE TIMES OLDER than Stonehenge and Egyptian pyramids

Archeologists have found that Indonesia’s pyramid, a 98-ft-deep ‘megalith’ submerged within a hill of lava [...]

Centaur skeleton with horns was found during excavations in Cyprus

In 2015, during excavations in Cyprus, the strange remains of a creature suspiciously resembling a [...]

Archaeologists Unearth a Medieval Skeleton with a Prosthetic Hand

In an extraordinary archaeological discovery in Freising, Germany, experts have unearthed a medieval skeleton equipped [...]

Larger than Baalbek: Huge Megaliths found in Russia defy explanation

The Megaliths of Baalbek are considered by mainstream scholars as some of the most impressive [...]

The Megalithic Wall of Arwad built by an Ancient civilization of Giants

Along the entire eastern coast of the Mediterranean, only one inhabited island exists; Arwad. Home [...]

Ancient Alien City Discovered Under Antarctica is Made of Crystal

In August 1946, an esteemed US Naval Officer and explorer, Admiral Richard Byrd, went on [...]

An ancient megalithic site was discovered in Armenia Depicting “Gray Aliens”

After a closer analysis, archaeologists have discovered that on the stones of this ancient megalithic [...]

The Strangest Skulls Ever Discovered

Skulls have the greatest potential value of unlocking the secrets of humanity’s past. For centuries [...]

OUT OF THIS WORLD ‘Mystery’ UFOs spotted by US Navy subs traveling at ‘unprecedented speed’ may come from ‘underwater base’

UFOs detected traveling at “unprecedented speeds” by US Navy nuke submarines may come from an [...]

UFO whistleblower accuses Pentagon of concerted effort to discredit him & hide ‘truth’ from American people

Luis Elizondo, who ran the Pentagon’s UFO program for years and recently revealed it to [...]

No longer confined to the fringe, UFO theories move into the mainstream

The subject of UFOs in the US is getting serious treatment from mainstream media and [...]

‘Holy s***. They’re going fast’: Radar shows the USS Omaha being SWARMED by 14 UFOs in same incident spherical aircraft was filmed disappearing into Pacific Ocean

Video showing an unidentified flying object splashing down into the Pacific Ocean off the coast [...]

How Harry Reid, a Terrorist Interrogator and the Singer From Blink-182 Took UFOs Mainstream

The meetings began in 1995, in a conference room in an office tower near the [...]

THE COMING GREAT DECEPTION—PART 14: The Beast Of Bray Road And Other ‘Cryptids’

As we continue from the last post on shapeshifters, another cryptid sometimes associated with Bigfoot, [...]

Mysterious radio burst from space is unusually close—and especially baffling

Bright, fleeting blasts of radio waves coming from the vicinity of a nearby galaxy are [...]

How pop culture set the stage for the coming UFO report — for better or worse

The U.S. government is finally starting to publicly acknowledge UFOs. The creator of “The X-Files” [...]

Ex-official who revealed UFO project accuses Pentagon of ‘disinformation’ campaign

The former Pentagon official who went public about reports of UFOs has filed a complaint [...]

WHAT WAS THAT? Mystery as anchor-shaped UFO leaves trail of smoke before crashing into sea off Indonesia

THIS is the mysterious moment an anchor-shaped UFO left a trail of smoke in the [...]

THE COMING GREAT DECEPTION—PART 13: Close Encounters of the Skinwalking, Shapeshifting, Demonic Werewolf Kind

The history of elemental beings including incubi and succubi or “alien-demons” by any other name [...]

Harvard physicist suggests Earth needs treaties with extraterrestrial civilizations to avoid ‘a cosmic catastrophe’

The Harvard physicist who claimed the first interstellar visitor in 2017 was an alien craft, [...]

Mystery as giant stone road resurfaces from beneath the Pacific Ocean

A few days ago, after an unusually strong tide, a huge stone road surfaced from [...]

‘Tipping point’: Suspense builds ahead of major Pentagon report on UFOs

Soon-to-be-President Jimmy Carter in 1973 went public with a claim he had seen a UFO [...]

US submarines detect mysterious speeding crafts underwater ahead of Pentagon UFO report

THE US Navy have detected unexplainable mysterious objects moving at hundreds of knots under the [...]

How UFO sightings went from joke to national security worry in Washington

In 2007, Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid called his colleagues Ted Stevens and Daniel [...]

‘American People Deserve to Know More’: Ex-Senator Demands Release of Gov’t Report on UFOs

In the wake of bombshell leaked photos and footage from the US Navy appearing to [...]

THE COMING GREAT DECPTION—PART 11: The Return of Hybrid Humans

I was not shocked at all when this week the official American Jesuit Magazine weighed [...]

UFOs are back in the news—and Catholics are ready to deal with any theological questions on alien life

I first met Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno, head of the Vatican Observatory and sometimes called [...]

Alien Artifacts on Earth and in Our Solar System is Possible, NASA Reports

A 2018 report published by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) shows the [...]

US government in possession of ‘exotic material’ from UFOs, ex-Pentagon officer claims

The former head of the Pentagon’s infamous UFO programme has claimed the US government is [...]

THE COMING GREAT DECEPTION—PART 10: The Difference Between Demonized Humans And Soulless Hybrids

Whereas physical and spiritual sickness was and can be healed (including when it is the [...]


According to Enoch, two hundred powerful angels departed “high heaven” and used women (among other [...]

Former Navy pilot recalls seeing hundreds of UFOs, calls them security threat

A former Navy pilot says he witnessed UFOs flying in restricted airspace off the coast [...]

China lands on Mars in major advance for its space ambitions

China landed a spacecraft on Mars for the first time on Saturday, a technically challenging [...]

‘LOOK AT THAT THING!’ US Navy vid shows UFO whizzing through sky before dropping into ocean as ex-pilot says ‘military sees them all the time’

A NEW Navy video appears to show a UFO whizzing through the sky before dropping [...]

‘ET come home!’: Two-thirds of Americans believe that aliens exist and the U.S. government isn’t telling them the truth about it, survey finds

Nearly two-thirds of all Americans now believe that extraterrestrial life exists and that the U.S. [...]

Did 40-year-old Viking experiment discover life on Mars?

In 1976, two Viking landers became the first US spacecraft from Earth to touch down [...]

Mars Life? 20 Years Later, Debate Over Meteorite Continues

Twenty years ago, NASA scientists and their colleagues announced they had spotted possible signs of [...]

Hulu true crime doc ‘Sasquatch’ investigates whether Bigfoot murdered three NorCal cannabis farmers

The most interesting true crimes are often the ones that sound so unlikely that they [...]


In 1988, an American science fiction-horror film, titled They Live (directed by John Carpenter), depicted [...]


Back in 1884, long before the coining of terms like “flying saucer” and “extraterrestrial,” George [...]


Truth about UFOs and aliens could be just WEEKS away from being released by US [...]

THE COMING GREAT DECEPTION—PART 6: Is Mt. Graham’s ‘Sky Island’ Hiding A Dimensional Portal?

Mountains are universally associated with deities and spirits. History suggests part of the reason native [...]

Probe Into Handling Of UFO Encounters Launched By Pentagon’s Inspector General

The Department of Defense Inspector General issued an announcement yesterday that it is opening an [...]

THE COMING GREAT DECEPTION—PART 5: The Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope

NASA’s job will be to monitor for “alien” communication signals; the Vatican, which has helped [...]

Study: Newly revealed Mars glacier could support human exploration

Mars is slowly revealing its secrets, and a new study of its terrain done 170 [...]

Elon Musk Is Maybe, Actually, Strangely, Going to Do This Mars Thing

From his private Cape Canaveral, the billionaire is manifesting his own interplanetary reality—whatever the cost.

Unpacking X-Files: Pentagon Watchdog Set to Probe DoD’s Handling of UFOs

Last year, the Pentagon launched a special task force “to detect, analyse, and catalogue” Unidentified [...]

String theorist Michio Kaku: ‘Reaching out to aliens is a terrible idea’

Soon we’ll have the Webb telescope up in orbit and we’ll have thousands of planets [...]

Is Physical Law an Alien Intelligence?

Alien life could be so advanced it becomes indistinguishable from physics.

Overnight “Act Of WAR” DECLARED! Pentagon Reveals ‘Unidentified’ Mystery Object Attacking US Agents

An announcement about an unidentified stealth object attacking U.S. officials.

Pentagon Acknowledges Black Triangle UFOs

Part 5. Jenasis expresses her view, Bashar’s view that there are many things and agendas [...]

THE COMING GREAT DECEPTION—PART 4: The Sky Island’s Assimilation for Extraterrestrial Evangelism

If astronomers do discover a planet suitable for extraterrestrial life, Mt. Graham is probably the [...]

THE COMING GREAT DECEPTION—PART 3: VATT, Giants, Hybrids, and LUCIFER’s Light Spectrum

A fascinating and potentially prophetic connection exists between the LUCIFER device’s infrared capacity for seeing [...]

‘Library of the Great Silence’ invites E.T. to share long-term survival strategies

Intelligent aliens will soon have a space here on Earth where they can share how [...]

Egyptian archaeologists unearth rare tombs dated back to before Pharaohs

They also found tombs nearby from the later Hyksos period (1650 to 1500 B.C.), when [...]

THE COMING GREAT DECEPTION—PART 2: Vatican Officials “Warming Up” Laity For ET Disclosure

If ET life is something Vatican officials have privately considered for some time, why speak [...]

BUZZ KILL – We can’t do a thing to stop UFOs – it could be America’s biggest spy failure since 9/11, warns ex-Pentagon investigator

UFOs are flying over the US, the military doesn’t know what they are or who [...]

UFO Fragments Are Likely In Possession Of Lockheed Martin, Says Ex-Sen. Harry Reid

Former Nevada Senator Harry Reid, once a major leader in the Democratic party before his [...]

How the Pentagon Started Taking U.F.O.s Seriously

For decades, flying saucers were a punch line. Then the U.S. government got over the [...]

ISS cameras film mystery ‘V-shaped UFO’ soaring past just days after SpaceX encounter

The unknown flying object travelled past from right to left in front of the International [...]

WORLD’S EERIEST PLACE – Inside ‘Skinwalker Ranch’ UFO hotspot probed by the Pentagon where cows are found ‘inside out’ & the soil is radioactive

A SPECIALIST team has been recruited to probe eerie Skinwalker Ranch – where the Pentagon [...]

Skin Walkers – Frequent Flyers? Those aliens do get around

By Zack Van Eyck Deseret News staff writer Original Desert News Article (1996) For species [...]

SPACE SMASH – SpaceX starship had ‘near miss with a UFO’ and ‘astronauts were told to prepare for a CRASH’, Nasa reveals

THE SPACEX starship is reported to have had a near miss with a UFO – [...]

Pentagon UFO report: They ‘acknowledged the reality,’ whistleblower says

The US government is actually gearing up to share information about the “reality” of UFOs [...]

LIFE UNDER MARS – Aliens are probably lurking under the surface of Mars, scientists reveal

FORGET scanning the skies for alien life — they are probably lurking underground on Mars, [...]

Revealed: Why We Should Look For Ancient Alien Spacecraft On The Moon, Mars And Mercury According To NASA Scientists

From UFO crash sites on other planets and aliens “lurking” on asteroids to a permanent [...]

The Society of Catholic Scientists To Hold ‘Extraterrestrials, AI, and Minds Beyond the Human’ Non-human Intelligence Conference In Washington

The conference is titled “Extraterrestrials, AI, and Minds Beyond the Human” and will take place [...]

AI unlocks ancient Dead Sea Scrolls mystery

Researchers say Artificial Intelligence (AI) has for the first time shown that two scribes wrote [...]

NASA extracts breathable oxygen from thin Martian air

NASA has logged another extraterrestrial first on its latest mission to Mars: converting carbon dioxide [...]

X-FILES – ‘Most compelling’ UFO vid shows mystery craft split in two at 120mph as 55 scientists demand Senate release secret data

A TEAM of scientists, engineers and former military officers have made the case for the [...]

TOP SECRET SERIES—PART 29: Puerta de Hayu Marca (“Gate of the Gods”), Göbekli Tepe, and Other Ancient Stargates

Just off the shores of Lake Titicaca, Peru, rests a peculiar wonder that defies explanation. [...]

Aviation authority unable to identify blue UFO that ‘crashed’ in Hawaii in new report

A Freedom of Information request sent to the Federal Aviation Authority found that no planes [...]

PART 31: The Most Powerful Stargates in the World? America, the Vatican, and the Portals of Apollo-Osiris

You may have seen me on Daystar recently discussing the history of the Great Seal [...]

Commercial Airline Pilots Keep Reporting UFOs Over Canada

VICE World News has uncovered dozens of recent UFO reports from Air Canada, WestJet, Porter, [...]

Pyramid-shaped UFOs spotted by Navy may be the best ‘the world has ever seen,’ filmmaker says

Jeremy Corbell: ‘This is probably the best UFO military filmed footage certainly that I’ve ever [...]

TOP SECRET SERIES—PART 30: Baalbek, Where Giants Roamed

Since 1956, Baalbek (often spelled “Baalbeck” or “Baalbec”) has been home to “the oldest and [...]

How the World’s Oldest Wooden Sculpture Is Reshaping Prehistory

The world’s oldest known wooden sculpture — a nine-foot-tall totem pole thousands of years old [...]

Pentagon confirms leaked video of UFO ‘buzzing’ Navy warships is genuine

A video shows what appears to be pyramid shaped objects hovering above a Navy destroyer


China militarizing space by building ‘destructive missiles & lasers’ to ‘blind US spacecraft sensors,’ intel [...]

Eerie moment flashing pyramid UFO and bizarre orb swoop on US warships before vanishing in latest Navy footage

THE Pentagon has admitted the US Navy filmed “pyramid” and “spherical” shaped UFOs swooping above [...]

TOP SECRET SERIES—PART 28: Enoch’s Portals Meets Sanderson’s Vile Vortices

The twelve “vile vortices” are geographic areas that are alleged to be the sites of [...]

ISS cameras capture huge ‘400ft triangular UFO’ soaring behind SpaceX craft

The mysterious object was spotted hurtling past SpaceX’s Dragon capsule not far from the International [...]

Mystery Wire Podcast: Pyramid-shaped UFOs swarm above Navy destroyer

The Task Force has been gathering evidence for a comprehensive report for Congress which is [...]

TOP SECRET SERIES—PART 27: X Marks the Spot Where Gateways Are Reportedly Located

England is replete with henges, standing stones, and tales of gnomes, faeries, and giants. When [...]

US military paid scientist to build ‘physics-bending weapon for wars with UFOs’

The US Department of Defence has poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into the development [...]

7,000 years older than Stonehenge: the site that stunned archaeologists

Circles of elaborately carved stones from about 9,500BC predate even agriculture

Seeds 200 years old breathe again

Seeds which have been stored away since the time of George III have been persuaded [...]

500,000 Year Old Spark Plug?

While mineral hunting in the mountains of California near Olancha during the winter of 1961, [...]

30,000-year-old Figurines Found in German Cave

December 18, 2003Alex Dominguez, Associated Press Some of the oldest undisputed artworks ever found — [...]

26,000-year-old Arch Supports?

The first supportive footwear was probably modest, but it definitely predates the Nike Empire. Erik [...]

2,000-year-old bottle of wine found in tomb

WINE may improve with age, but archaeologists digging in an ancient tomb in western China [...]

Women warriors from Amazon fought for Britain’s Roman army

THE remains of two Amazon warriors serving with the Roman army in Britain have been [...]

The Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts

Most ancient artifacts, no matter how strange they first appear, can eventually be explained and [...]

Weird Skeletons in Mankinds Closet Giant Skeletons

Weird Skeletons in Mankind’s Closet Giant Skeletons … skulls with horns, way too many teeth [...]

Was America Discovered in 1170

A Consideration: Was America Discovered in 1170 1995 “History, not unnaturally, tends to be written [...]

TOP SECRET SERIES—PART 26: Mysteries, Mountains, and Gateways (Patterns, Portals, and 3, 6, 9 — Part 2)

Mountains—and, in particular, volcanoes—have long been associated with portals. The Superstitious Mountains, covered in another [...]

Mysterious Radio Blasts From Space Just Got a Whole Lot Weirder, Somehow

Scientists discovered that so-called “giant radio pulses” coincide with X-rays, suggesting they are hundreds of [...]

Viewers In North Texas Report Seeing Mysterious Streak Of Lights In Sky

“What was that?” That’s the question some people in North Texas have as they witnessed [...]

Lawrence Livermore Researchers Testing Out Nuclear Blast Defense Against Earth-Threatening Asteroids

It sounds like a scene from a Hollywood sci-fi thriller, but researchers from Lawrence Livermore [...]

Astonishing new footage captures ‘pyramid UFOs swarming US Navy destroyer’

The amazing video and collection of photos of a “spherical” craft swarming a US Navy [...]

Vimanas – The Ancient Flying Machines

There are reference to flying machines in the temple carvings and in the ancient writings. [...]

Underwater Discoveries Give Credence to Ancient Legends

April 5, 2005By David JamesThe Epoch Times The discovery of underwater ruins off India’s southeastern [...]

Shroud of Turin not a medieval fake, Italian scientists say

The Shroud of Turin, revered by some to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, [...]

Tsunami throws up India relics

The deadly tsunami could have uncovered the remains of an ancient port city off the [...]

Traditions of Atlantis


Top 10 Ancient Civilizations With Advanced Technology

Like a real life Indiana Jones, maverick archeologist David Hatcher Childress has taken many incredible [...]

Tomb References John the Baptists Father

July 7, 2003By KARIN LAUB, Associated Press Writer The discovery was a stroke of luck: [...]

Tombs From Egypts Golden Age Found

Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Egyptian Tombs June 6, 2002 CAIRO (Reuters) – Archaeologists have discovered seven [...]

Tomb dig findings shrouded in mystery

Archaeologists have finished the excavation of an ancient tomb complex in the Lop Nur Desert [...]

Taiwan’s Own Ancient Astronaut Theory

Caught Between a Rock and Hard Place Oct. 27, 2002Gavin Phipps The fact that they’re [...]

Contacting alien life forms in the universe could invite them to ‘rule Earth’

A top scientist said contacting alien life is a ‘terrible idea’, and his words have [...]

TOP SECRET SERIES—PART 25: Patterns, Portals, and 3, 6, 9 (Part 1)

You know, I will never be called a “mind reader” by anyone, but even I [...]

Vatican digs illegal tunnel to ‘exhume King David’s DNA and bring Messiah back to life’

The Vatican has been digging a secret tunnel in Jerusalem in order to exhume King [...]

Ancient Mummy Found in Mongolia

The spectacular find of the frozen remains of a Scythian warrior in Mongolia by an [...]

Satellites Search for Ancient Artifact

August 23, 2001By Leonard David, Senior Space Writer WASHINGTON — Military and private satellite snapshots [...]

Starchild Mystery

By Jeff Rent The mystery of the Starchild skull began in Mexico nearly 70 years [...]

‘Oldest star chart’ found

The oldest image of a star pattern, that of the famous constellation of Orion, has [...]

Ice Age star map discovered

A prehistoric map of the night sky has been discovered on the walls of the [...]

Staff of Moses ‘found’ in Birmingham

An ancient staff in a British museum may be connected to the Biblical figure of [...]

Spirits in the Stones

The summer of 2004 has seen interesting discoveries in Canada and India that highlight a [...]

Spiral ring reveals ancient complex machines

Distinctive spiral patterns carved into a small jade ring show that China was using complex [...]

Shrine to Hercules Unearthed

Archaeologists in Thebes discover remains of altar, dwellings used for more than 3,000 years January [...]

Secret Chinese Pyramids Evidence of Alien Visitors?

According to the old Chinese legend, over one hundred pyramids built in China are evidence [...]

Scientists probe ‘sunken city,’ civilization in Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters) — Scientific investigators said Friday they hope to better determine later this [...]

Sacrificial burial deepens mystery at Teotihuacan, but confirms the city’s militarism

A spectacular new discovery from an ongoing excavation at the Teotihuacan’s Pyramid of the Moon [...]

Russian geneticists to reveal alien’s DNA mystery

Scientists may soon unravel the mystery of the “Uralian alien,” a tiny creature found near [...]

Remains of Chickasawba Giants Found in 1870

Remains of a Race of Giants found in Arkansus.

Radar reveals vast medieval Cambodian city: study

Archaeologists using radar imagery have shown that an ancient Cambodian settlement centered on the celebrated [...]

Ruins Support Myth of Rome’s Founding

Legend has it that Rome was founded in 753 B.C. by Romulus and Remus, the [...]

The Rise and Fall of the Mayan Empire

Nov 16, 2004Science at NASA Where the rain forests of Guatemala now stand, a great [...]

Rio Grande Artifacts May Yield New Clues

Oct. 18, 2004By LYNN BREZOSKYNews My Way HARLINGEN, Texas (AP) – Archaeologists have discovered a [...]

Remains of Genghis Khan Palace Unearthed

Oct. 6, 2004By AUDREY McAVOY TOKYO (AP) – Archaeologists have unearthed the site of Genghis [...]

Raiders of the Lost Ark

April 5, 2004By Nadav Shragai The firemen manning the two fire trucks dispatched to the [...]


You may have seen this week where NASA is calling an “all clear” on the [...]

Las Vegas a ‘UFO hotspot’ with military testing ‘secret tech’, ex-MoD worker claims

The Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) former UFO investigator has claimed Las Vegas is now a [...]