The Destruction of Rahab

The above image is artist Greg Semkow’s depiction of the destruction of the planet Rahab as commissioned by Steve Quayle.  See the PDF below for answers on this planet’s demise and why.

Fallen Angel Civilization on Mars

The image above is concept art which illustrates what the Fallen Angel civilization could have looked like on Mars before God judged it and the planet Rahab.  See both “Unearthing The Lost World Of The Cloudeaters” and “Cydonia” for important background.

Scientists discover ‘world’s oldest’ pyramid: New carbon dating shows Gunung Padang in Indonesia was built 10,000 years ago – making it THREE TIMES OLDER than Stonehenge and Egyptian pyramids

Archeologists have found that Indonesia’s pyramid, a 98-ft-deep ‘megalith’ submerged within a hill of lava [...]

Larger than Baalbek: Huge Megaliths found in Russia defy explanation

The Megaliths of Baalbek are considered by mainstream scholars as some of the most impressive [...]

Ancient Alien City Discovered Under Antarctica is Made of Crystal

In August 1946, an esteemed US Naval Officer and explorer, Admiral Richard Byrd, went on [...]

Mystery as giant stone road resurfaces from beneath the Pacific Ocean

A few days ago, after an unusually strong tide, a huge stone road surfaced from [...]

Egyptian archaeologists unearth rare tombs dated back to before Pharaohs

They also found tombs nearby from the later Hyksos period (1650 to 1500 B.C.), when [...]

AI unlocks ancient Dead Sea Scrolls mystery

Researchers say Artificial Intelligence (AI) has for the first time shown that two scribes wrote [...]

7,000 years older than Stonehenge: the site that stunned archaeologists

Circles of elaborately carved stones from about 9,500BC predate even agriculture

Seeds 200 years old breathe again

Seeds which have been stored away since the time of George III have been persuaded [...]

30,000-year-old Figurines Found in German Cave

December 18, 2003Alex Dominguez, Associated Press Some of the oldest undisputed artworks ever found — [...]

26,000-year-old Arch Supports?

The first supportive footwear was probably modest, but it definitely predates the Nike Empire. Erik [...]

2,000-year-old bottle of wine found in tomb

WINE may improve with age, but archaeologists digging in an ancient tomb in western China [...]

Women warriors from Amazon fought for Britain’s Roman army

THE remains of two Amazon warriors serving with the Roman army in Britain have been [...]

The Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts

Most ancient artifacts, no matter how strange they first appear, can eventually be explained and [...]

Was America Discovered in 1170

A Consideration: Was America Discovered in 1170 1995 “History, not unnaturally, tends to be written [...]

Underwater Discoveries Give Credence to Ancient Legends

April 5, 2005By David JamesThe Epoch Times The discovery of underwater ruins off India’s southeastern [...]

Shroud of Turin not a medieval fake, Italian scientists say

The Shroud of Turin, revered by some to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, [...]

Tsunami throws up India relics

The deadly tsunami could have uncovered the remains of an ancient port city off the [...]

Traditions of Atlantis


Tomb References John the Baptists Father

July 7, 2003By KARIN LAUB, Associated Press Writer The discovery was a stroke of luck: [...]

Tombs From Egypts Golden Age Found

Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Egyptian Tombs June 6, 2002 CAIRO (Reuters) – Archaeologists have discovered seven [...]

Tomb dig findings shrouded in mystery

Archaeologists have finished the excavation of an ancient tomb complex in the Lop Nur Desert [...]

Vatican digs illegal tunnel to ‘exhume King David’s DNA and bring Messiah back to life’

The Vatican has been digging a secret tunnel in Jerusalem in order to exhume King [...]

Ancient Mummy Found in Mongolia

The spectacular find of the frozen remains of a Scythian warrior in Mongolia by an [...]

Satellites Search for Ancient Artifact

August 23, 2001By Leonard David, Senior Space Writer WASHINGTON — Military and private satellite snapshots [...]