Romanian 30 foot Giant

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Amazing! A Hyperborean fossilized giant skeleton recently found in Rosia. Is Rosia Montana a portal to Shamballa?

Hyperborea & Shamballa
A sensational discovery shakes the world scientists. History must be rewritten.

In February 2012 a team of geologists, Romanian-Canadian seeking gold vein remains one of the galleries dug Agathyrsi 5,500 years ago in Rosia Montana made a chance discovery that could overturn the entire history of mankind. They found at the base of a rectangular end gallery golden stones that seemed to be a natural rock. After taking a sample, the laboratory analysis results showed that it was indeed a composite stone made from the mixture of 15% granite powder, 30% tungsten and 55% powder 50 carat gold, as a technology impossible to reproduce the conditions of modern science.

The fact is all the more surprising as the gallery where the slab was reported, also called the Hyperborean Gallery located on the Corna valley below the village of Rosia Montana horn had been investigated 36 years ago, specifically throughout the year 1976 and due uluitoarelor archaeological and anthropological virtually inconceivable at that time, it was closed and then sealed the Security command. Among miners still whispers about this gallery and there are few people whose fathers or older brothers, former mining at Rosia Montana, who took part in archaeological excavations in consolidations and gallery at the time, disappeared from home and were beaten back after a few weeks. Meanwhile most of them died due to illness. The four surviving witnesses do not even want to remember. One of them, Mr. John Moses was the team leader in those days, after a long deliberation, it was decided, however, to break the silence. Here is the story of what happened when, as he lived eyewitness John Moses:

“Maybe I should not say anything, I swore that only the Communists, but I kind of Albac pull even the motile nation’s Avram Iancu, so do not be silent. Here was: winter lu 76, I was called by the chief engineer and got available to reopen, to enhance and electrify the old gallery 13 remained closed since the time of Austro-Hungarian, followed by building two companions come geologists to prospect. Gallery was old, remaining so ever since the Agathyrsi neexploată which at the time drew from it and process the Dacian gold and silver and the vein was exhausted centuries before the Romans masters reach the gold mines or Alburnus Maior as they Their love to tell. It is true that search and see traces of the Romans, but it is clear that they were quickly cleared and abandoned. Consolidation and electrification works have lasted almost until the summer of 76 and I had some problems with water draining part of the gallery is flooded. Both mine and solenoid valves to pump us was very helpful. Also when I found a bone awash so great as we had been given to you again. No never seen my comrades. After I showed the director handed me this Securitate Rosia Montana State mining company, and we take the prosecutor questioned about four days. That which was the bone when I found? That in what position? That who was with us in the mine? That who knows of its existence? How I got and how I got out shot that day? Well, all kinds of puzzling questions as to scare us and make us silent. We all obviously silent and after we had them sign statements, we were sent back to the gallery. Home I breathed a word. I was afraid for my family. When our job was finished two men entered the mine in Bucharest which was definitely one geologist. What worked them out there do not know, but ASAA … as a week, over a third, a very young man, with a scar on his left eye, which said it archaeologist. Two days after he came a whole team of civilians Daar and some archaeologists with some kind of strange equipment, along with a crew of militia that blocked access to the gallery 13 and started to control us new tickets at the gate. After a month and a half since I was called again, I and my comrades, who took care of us and consolidations already signed statements to haul tailings from the bottom manifold 13 and get him out of the cars out of the mine.

Then I saw the horror. Archaeologists had dug out of the rock a giant skeleton about 10 meters long, lying on one side with its legs raised. The bone had found you I was tied with a red ribbon and only when I saw it was actually a vertebra. Mother yes more vertebrae! Civilians were leaping up and down! Some of them were writing something he says archaeologists, others taking pictures with flash. Densuşianu one said anything, then something Hyperboreans, and one salt-mouthed that to see one with nice

Densuşianu that Densuşianu was a lawyer, historian, and gave it to partidu and security. Another, and this was arheologu younger, that I recognized after scar missed that one as it was the Hyperborean Skelator and could even be our father! “Can not tavarişce! What Hyperborean dream “- he shouted at one oily skin and clothes with a Russian accent! – “Man is descended from monkeys! Where have you ever heard monkey 10 meters? Ready! What this short!? This skeleton go to Moscow! … It took grassland reacţionaru ‘that right there! Bistro Bistro “When we included all the horror. Two jar jumped him, bound him and dragged him out of the mine. “He come! Tighten, packed in crates and take it to the station! And if one breathes a word you throw kaghebeu-n neck! “All of us fell măgăreaţa to close and carry….

It was morning when I finished packing, carrying and climbed the crates on the train. But we are not left up going home. We were up in two vans without windows and took us somewhere. Where? Do not know…. I know that I ate a week ending battle and that got me to sign that I have seen and know nothing, because I have an uncle who is a bandit and shoot Legionnaire Securitate mountains and told me that if I breath a word boosts his wife and children and myself puts me in jail. I signed and am silent, what was I to do …!? Not with my comrades that I met mine again I have not talked about it.

Something good happened to me afterwards though. A week after I returned to the mine, one always had it in my queue when in and out of shot, came to the pub and sat at my table. To be honest when I saw my blood froze in his veins. “Look John, – he said – and I’m toupee as you. And also like you, generations of my people were at Rosia Montana BAIES. I was there when it was discovered the giant skeleton. Now it’s in Moscow. I like you I witnessed. Take this envelope and keep it as her eyes out. Inside of the picture. Let me know that there are skeleton gallery if Hyperborean, ancestor of ours. Keep the picture and show it to your grandchildren. I do not know if I drop because I was irradiated. You scared you better, but us guys in security so we do not scare easily, rid us otherwise. I do not know, I do not know. I never gave anything! Got it? “” Yeah, I got. ” Was up and out the door quickly. Just two days I’ve seen a shadow stepped behind me, and I have not seen before. But instead I picture the Hyperborean from him.”

The Slab
But back to the slab…

We’re in April 2012. Following talks behind closed doors at the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum Geology Canadian side said that this discovery is not made public and gallery to be closed urgently. The Romanian side agreed to secrecy but insisted to continue the research and send a second team, this time led by an archaeologist archaeologist’s old man with a scar in the upper left eye. For three months, dig around the slab were held in secret, the result is scraping full slab. It did not take very long because the slab is learned over 36 years ago if Hyperborean giant skeleton, now in Moscow and of the work of digging and scraping rock archaeologists had done since. The measurements revealed that the slab perfectly polished, have a length of 12 meters, a width of 6 meters and a height of 3 meters, weighing approximately 1,700 tons, 100 tons more than was expected “rock pregnant woman “or slab discovered at Baalbek, only the gold content in it representing approx. 900 tons, nearly three hundred times more than they could have obtained full recycling for 20 years, the waste dumps stored for millennia ago Rosia Montana gold mining, and 150 times more than all the gold extracted from the surface of all galleries Agathyrsi the Gauls and then the Romans, then AustroHungarian Empire and Romanian together.

The area was immediately closed with barbed wire and placed under military watch and preliminary excavations for drilling a well with a diameter of 12 meters to reach the slab started in early May 2012.
At the end of June, more precisely on 23 of the month, the slab was removed from the surface, segmented into 80 equal blocks, loaded into containers and immediately transported night under military escort to an unknown destination. However, there is some information from reliable sources, indicating that the container fragments were taught SIDEX Galati and have already melted and turned into bullion and tungsten, but the secret place where they are stored now not known.

The writing was ancient Dacian
The fact that the slab has disappeared and has not even kept a photo of her is understandable. A worker who participated in dismantling it claims that there is still a set of photos that were made by an old Romanian archaeologist prestige that were given to the study of paleolingvist and which then attracted attention of the slab has a value invaluable cultural and historical Romanian people and for all humanity and in any case immeasurably greater than its economic value. For further support of their archaeologist then presented photographs of the slab where they could see the whole area was covered by a write to relief, emerald green, virtually unknown in the words paleolingvistului, but most likely to be Pelasgian arranged in three parallel rows that start in the upper left and diagonally wound into a spiral coiling around a wolf’s head, and then ending at its base in the upper right. It seems that the Romanian authorities remain insensitive to these warnings and evidence and ordered the cutting and melting of the slab, so that after selling gold to pay the state treasury the equivalent percentage of 19.31% negotiated with the Canadian gold mining under the contract and rare metals in the area.

“But things became downright amazing when – says this time the famous archaeologist, whose name personal safety reasons we can not make public – to raise the slab we have seen a variety of shaft diameter 4 meters within which descended a spiral staircase whose steps were carved into the walls of the pit, as if they had been cut with the laser. From inside the shaft exudes a milky light, violet. Although the few workers, geologists and archaeologists who witnessed the rise slab recovered after a while in amazement, though outside paleolingvistului to precpitat like crazy downstairs, no one had the courage to come down and check what was in the pit, and the day was already too late. I waited all that paleolingvistul to appear, but he never reached the surface. Overnight, SRI army covered with planks leading to the entrance to the pit inside the mountain and then poured cement and sealed it. The day was closed outer wellhead and into the gallery dug in the Agathyrsi time immemorial. All day, I, along with all the witnesses who attended the slab sampling, detection from deep mine shaft, and those who participated in the clean, I was asked to sign papers guaranteeing Secrecy State and then we all went back to our homes scared, that ncotro.”

Mines at the Ministry of Petroleum and Geology and the Institute of Archaeology in Bucharest, as was expected, moreover, nobody knows anything. Over all these events was a silence. There are some voices that people high places firm that the government has covered up the affair and that Swiss bankers rubbing their hands satisfied. The last time he could talk to the old archaeologist and worker control was the afternoon of July 28, 2012. Thereafter these two witnesses were exposed and broke the silence could not be found at home. In fact they could not be found anywhere. Neighbors tell something about some lift vans, masked agents at midnight, but even this is not too sure.

Attention readers!
If you ever have the curiosity to venture alone in the woods around Sarmisegetuza Regia, do not be surprised if you meet a man on bright purple, which claims to have been in Shamballa and he knows a tunnel under Sarmisegetuza leading to gold mine in Rosia Montana. And if you start to speak in an unknown tongue probably Pelasgians, listen to it carefully, even if you do not understand what he says then. There will come a time when you get it.